Should student pursue master of computer application in on-line mode to boost their career? – Centre for Distance and Online Education


Should student pursue master of computer application in on-line mode to boost their career? – Centre for Distance and Online Education

  1. Should student pursue master of computer application in on-line mode to boost their career?
    The on-line Master of Computer Applications is a post-graduate degree programme that allows students
    to go deeper into computer application development using modern programming languages. This
    degree is appropriate for students who want to expand their knowledge with modern technology and
    progress their careers. The course is particularly designed to provide the experts in the field of
    Computer Technology.
    Reasons to Choose MCA in on-line mode as a Career
    ï‚· Lucrative pay package
    ï‚· Always in demand
    ï‚· Placement at foremost organizations
    ï‚· Offers preferred skills to befall an IT expert
    ï‚· put on knowledge
    ï‚· A high precious degree
  2. Career Options after completion of MCA Degree in on-line mode
    Today, the industries require IT professionals with strong skills and knowledge; the demand of such
    MCA graduates is very high. A candidate can join in private industries as Developer, Tester so on.
    Also, the student can get the job in the IT department of Government agencies such as Indian Army,
    Air Force, Navy, Post-Offices and Banks etc. The career options after MCA Degree are as follow:
    Higher Studies
    Depending upon the interest, anyone can opt for research programs such as PhD or Master in
    Engineering in Computer Science or can do M.S. from the foreign countries for specialty in Data Science,
    Robotics etc.

Software Developer
The role of a software developer is to build up, test, install, and uphold software systems for clients.
They get to make new creations to meet specific requirements. Any candidate can circulate towards
this profession and he / she must have coding competencies. The student can join as Software
Developer in large companies such as Microsoft, Google, Accenture, and IBM. The candidates get a
good salary in this profile; the demand of this profile is very high and deserving candidates have the
opportunities to grow.

Database Engineer
The main role of Database engineers is to create & maintain the databases, enlarge the storage
space capacity and to assess database performance. They should have sound knowledge of SQL and
problem-solving skills. There are so many large companies who can offer a prospect to MCA
graduates to connect as Database Engineer.

Web Developer
The student can join in the industry and on-line digital companies as Web Developer. The Web
developer is one who is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the website. The web
developer has sturdy competencies in HTML, Java Script, CSS and PHP etc.
Software Tester
After software development, the subsequently job is to check the software for different defects.
This is carried done by the Software Tester who uses the manual or automated testing tools in a
specific manner for finding the defects. The software is delivered to the client after fixing the bugs.
You can join the IT industries as Software Tester if you are having knowledge of coding and testing.
Project Manager
It is the most responsible profile in the industry. A candidate can join for this profile if he/ she is
having the experience of 3-5 years in the industries. The Project Manager is one who is responsible
for project planning, execution, monitoring and controlling etc. He/ She take on the intact
ownership of the assignment in relation to accomplishment. The Project manager also makes
ensure that project development should be complete as per the plan given.
Cloud Engineer
Cloud Computing means to store and access the data over the internet instead of your hard drive.
Today, Cloud Computing has turn into the inevitability of the day as the users can balance these
services and access them over the internet from everyplace. MCA Graduates can get the
opportunity to join as Cloud Engineer in the industries and can get a package of 7- 10 lacs in India.

Assistant Professor / Post Graduate Teacher
MCA Graduates can definitely get an opportunity to join as Post Graduate Teacher in a Govt. /
private school or will be considered as a lecturer or Assistant professor in a college. After MCA
degree, it s mile the money-making profession alternative so that it will by no means reduce.
Technical Writer:
If you’re MCA graduates and having suitable writing and technical capabilities, you may choose for
technical writing as your profession. A technical writer is held responsible to write down high-
quality documents only in the form of Manuals, Product Descriptions and Design Specifications etc.
Software Consultant:
For the investigation and estimation of software program in phrases of enterprise approach, the
software consultant is liable for the control of management of all vital activities associated with the
coding. For this profile, the candidate must be expertise in the software field and need to have the
knowledge of multiple programming languages. Today, companies are giving a handsome package
to the deserving candidates.
App Developer:
Today, Mobiles are very common for everyone and having no time for various routine activities
such as Banking Transactions, Billing, and Marketing etc. Today, Various Mobile App Services have
been initiated by the IT companies for the advertising of their products which any one can access
through his / her mobile.
After the completion of MCA, a start-up can be a great way to become your own boss. You can do
freelancing or develop your own software if you have that much skill.

  1. Top MCA Course Specializations Available in the on-line mode in India
    There are number of specializations in Master of Computer Applications program in on line mode in
    India or in foreign countries. Some of the specializations are in demand. The following are the
    specializations in demand in India and could cause the satisfactory careers .
    ï‚· MCA in Cloud Computing
    ï‚· MCA in Mobile Computing
    ï‚· MCA in Management Information System
    ï‚· MCA in Artificial Intelligence

ï‚· MCA in Data Science
ï‚· MCA in Networking
ï‚· MCA in Data Analytics
ï‚· MCA in Cyber Security

  1. A complete guide to MCA Course Syllabus in the on-line mode for the academic year 2021
    About MCA Program in on line mode:
    Master of Computer Applications is two-year program for Post-Graduate Computer aspirants. The
    purpose of this program is to make the students acquainted with theoretical elements of IT technologies
    and their applications also.
    Master of Computer Application course will make you a technical professional with sound knowledge of
    application, networking and hardware. One of the biggest advantages of doing MCA is that the course is
    not just fretful with the Information Technology only but also helps in growing the various industries.
    Some of the key-factors to go for Master of Computer Applications Course are Counseling Session on
    weekly basis, Constant assessment through assignments and problem solving activities, learning through
    e-contents, recorded lectures by renowned experts across global, attractive scholarships offered on
    Merit and under special categories such as Empowering women’s, Manav Rachna Alumni, Sports,
    Divyang and Govt special.
    Master of Computer Applications Course includes 24-months duration. The students who are interested
    in MCA must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications / Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engg or in Bachelor
    of Science/ Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Arts with Mathematics at 10+2 level or at
    Graduation level.

Courses Details:
The study period of MCA includes various subjects such as Linear Algebra, Data Structures, Object
oriented programming in Java, Python Programming, Computer Graphics, Web Application
Development using PHP, Multimedia and Animation, Data Communications, Analysis and Design of
algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, Android Application Development Lab, R Programming Lab, Cyber

Security, Mobile Computing, Advance Database Systems, Programming in .NET, Software Engg&
Testing, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Advance Java, Software Project Management, Data Mining
& Warehousing and Major Project.
For Successful completion of the MCA degree, the Learners are required to earn 68 credits of
compulsory courses and at least 12 credits of elective courses consisting of Domain Elective / MOOC etc.

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