MBA in Logistic and Supply Chain

Master of Business Administration with specialization in Logistic and Supply Chain

2 Years

Live Classes | One hour per course

Total Credits

About Programme

For procedures to be effective and for businesses to maintain their competitive edge, supply chain and logistics management are essential for all significant businesses. This is a demanding, fast-paced industry that is ideal for those with a logical mind and lots of ideas. The nature of international business is rapidly evolving. Companies must adjust to the continuously changing supply chain demands in order to survive, providing value to their customers in ever more-efficient ways. Successful supply chain and logistics management is crucial for business.

This course will provide you with the specialised information and skills you need to build and manage efficient logistics and supply chain systems, from locating raw materials to guaranteeing moral production practices up to the point of consumption.

With a focus on leveraging the effects of operations and supply chain management on business performance and objectives, the MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Manav Rachna Centre for Online and Distance Education is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of company supply chain management from a global perspective. In addition to helping businesses develop a competitive edge based on high levels of technical and managerial competence acquired on the job and in the classroom, the programme will prepare supply chain managers who will be able to work globally.

The two-year MBA programme from the MRCDOE in Logistics and Supply Chain Management focuses on in-depth knowledge of transportation and products and services. Students will learn how to organize, carry out, and manage supply issues, customer service, warehouse operations, and storage facilities, among other things. The students will also learn how to make strategic judgements in the areas of logistics and supply chain management and how their choices will facilitate the flow of work. Through the use of their decision-making abilities and efficient plan execution, candidates will learn to maximise the pleasure of their employers and consumers.

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain – Qualities and Competencies

  • One may possess the managerial expertise needed for work and lifelong learning.
  • It helps in developing an imaginative, entrepreneurial, and creative mindset to make management judgements.
  • It assists citizens in becoming morally upright, value-driven, and committed to long-term development.
  • It helps to function in a multicultural setting and develop a student’s personality and communication abilities.

Companies are willing to hire candidates even if it costs them more money since an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain prepares you in-depth for every element of the industry


32,000 x 2 Years
Total Course Fee (Semester-wise)
₹ 1,28,000 /-
₹ 1,20,000 /-

NOTE – @5% Discount on total program fee.

Discounted Fee:
₹ 1,14,000 /-
$ 2,400

NOTE – @5% Discount on total program fee.

Discounted Fee:
$ 2,280

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