Master of Business Administration with specialization in Waste Management

2 Years

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Our society is reaching a turning point in using natural resources, and very soon, we will struggle to support this rising population. Since every component undergoes a pattern of production and disintegration that results in an ongoing replacement occurring gradually for ages, the environment has always been kind enough to offer abundant resources. Nevertheless, while having developed ways to use these resources via technology and science, humanity is submitting to their excessive use, seriously depleting resources. That is the outcome of inadequate ecological processes brought on by human involvement.

As far as the shared accountability of humanity towards this matter is considered, environmental issues on managing our ecosystem and waste management have been overlooked. However, its significance cannot be further underestimated or ignored. It is a solid and profitable economic proposition. Thus, a thorough knowledge of the subject matter will be crucial for establishing stable and sound means of disposing of inevitable household and industrial effluent and managing the environment scientifically.

Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education offers an Online MBA programme with a specialization in Waste Management, taking a step forward toward preserving our natural resources and creating younger generations more aware of the usage and management of waste. This approach aims to lessen the deleterious impacts of toxic waste on the environment’s wellness and human life.


  • Learners who undertake this specialization are committing to a healthier life for themselves and the community. 
  • The students will imbibe  skills and exposure they need via an MBA programme in waste management to focus on social entrepreneurship. 
  • This study in waste management will  make an everlasting impression on history as we are going through a tumultuous era of global warming and ecological imbalance. 

Waste management has a promising future in India and is a rewarding professional path. One can work for the govt, environmental agencies, NGOs, non-profit conservation efforts, and corporate entities if they have an online MBA in waste management. Large enterprises struggle with industrial waste management due to the increasingly strict waste management legislation; thus, they engage managerial students who could assist them in finding solutions. In the domain of waste management, a few of the employment roles include: 

    • Project Manager Waste Management division

    • Waste Disposal Manager

    • Regional Manager

    • Waste Disposal Scientist

    • Program Director- Waste Management

What does manav rachna Offers?

Waste management is a positive initiative for the future. Manav Rachna focuses on equipping its students with the skills necessary to identify solutions to the complex waste management problem through this course, opening up job opportunities for them. They will be well-versed in the managerial abilities needed for business and possess a thorough knowledge of waste management.


32,000 x 2 Years
Total Course Fee (Semester-wise)
₹ 1,28,000 /-
₹ 1,20,000 /-

NOTE – @5% Discount on total program fee.

Discounted Fee:
₹ 1,14,000 /-
$ 2,400

NOTE – @5% Discount on total program fee.

Discounted Fee:
$ 2,280

Manav Rachna has launched “Centre of Online Education” to provide quality programmes to those students who are not able to draw benefits from conventional system of Education. Students can perfectly reshape their career and future through impeccably designed online programmes. The renowned faculty, cutting –edge advanced curriculum, technology driven and a remarkable content delivery will be helpful in the successfully implementation of online programs.


MREI Campus:
Sector – 43, Aravalli Hills, Delhi – Surajkund Road, Faridabad – 121004, (Haryana), India

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