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MRIIRS is offering UGC and AICTE approved MCA Online Degree Programme at Centre for Distance and Online Education. 

“Master of Computer Applications” at “Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education” provides multidisciplinary approach for the students to shape their career inside and outside their domain of education and to meet the evolving needs of the society.  The commitment of multidisciplinary education is to broaden the participation of student in higher education and leads to a more diverse community. In multidisciplinary approach, students are inspired to select diverged courses from different disciplines to expand their knowledge, discover themselves through creative thinking and learn the skills of collaboration.

The online programme will help the students to achieve an academic degree along with flexibility and relaxation. This online programme holds equal academic value to as on-campus degree and help students in developing themselves into an industry ready as equivalent to a conventional degree. Students can perfectly reshape their career and future through impeccably designed online programmes. The renowned faculty, cutting –edge advanced curriculum, technology driven and a remarkable content delivery will be helpful in the successfully implementation of online programs.

We have collaborated with the digital Leader and Industry partner namely Microsoft that provides digital component and industry based curriculum to our programme. The knowledge partner will be mentors and provides certification and  resources for delivery of the courses. Our courses have been designed to meet the needs of the market, ensuring our students receive the most updated education possible.

  • The programme nurtures competent professionals through real-life projects and thereby fosters continuous learning amongst learners.
  • Learners will be prepared for a global career in computing by enriching the curriculum with a blend of theory and practice.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty members/academicians strive for giving academic and industrial exposure to nurture the very best and highly competent professionals.
  • The course contents have been designed to succor learners to thrive their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.


What you will get?

Live Online Class

Get an opportunity to interact with the experts online every week to clear your doubts.

24x7 LMS Access

You will get access to top quality digital content hosted on Swayam platform that is accessible on any device.

Industry Oriented Curriculum

The course content will also be delivered by industry experts so that you get the best in class experience.

Hands-On Learning

More focus on coding and experiential learning so that you can enhance your practical skills.

Capstone Projects

Project Based Learning is what you get from the program so that you can test your skills for soving real world problems.

Placement Assistance

You know what we got you covered with placement assistance support to ensure you get the job you want.


Course TypeCourse Name Course CodeCredits    
CoreResearch Innovation Catalyst-IOMCA-RIC-I0.5    
CoreLinear Algebra & Statistical TechniquesOMCA-DS-1103    
CoreData StructuresOMCA-DS-1113    
CoreObject oriented programming in Java OMCA-DS-1123    
CorePython Programming OMCA-DS-1132    
CoreData Structures LabOMCA-DS-1611    
CoreObject oriented programming in Java LabOMCA-DS-1621    
CorePython Programming Lab OMCA-DS-1631    
Domain ElectiveElective-I 2    
Domain ElectiveElective-II 2    
CorePlacement Competency Enhancement -ICDC 5112    
Bridge Fundamentals of Computer ProgrammingMCA-DS-001Audit Pass    
Bridge Elements of Mathematics MCA-DS-002Audit Pass    
Total Credits20.5    
 GeneralCloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceCyber SecurityFSDMobile ComputingMultimedia
ELECTIVE-IMATLAB (OMCA-DS-115)Azure Fundamentals (OMCA-CC-001)Concepts of AI & Machine Learning.     (OMCA-AI-001)Network Security  (OMCA-CS-001)Gaming Technology – I (OMCA-FSD-001)Mobile Computing Basics          (OMCA-MC-001)Digital methods I: Photoshop, Illustrator     (OMCA-MM-001)
Soft Programming (OMCA-DS-116)Fundamentals of Cloud Computing (OMCA-CC-002)Probabilistic Reasoning   (OMCA-AI-002)Cyber Security (OMCA-CS-002)Advanced Web Technologies. (OMCA-FSD-002)Mobile Software Technologies. (OMCA-MC-002)Animation Fundamentals (OMCA-MM-002)
  IoTData ScienceBlock ChainDevOpsNetworkingGaming with AR VR
ELECTIVE-IIBasics of E-Commerce (OMCA-DS-117)IoT Basics and Technology (OMCA-IOT-001)Probability and Statistics    (OMCA-DaS-001)Introduction to block chain (OMCA-BC-001)DevOps EssentialsFundamentals of Computer Networks    (OMCA-CN-001)Augmented Reality Foundations (OMCA-AR-001)
Introduction to Open Source Software and Open Standards  (OMCA-DS-118)Hardware Architectures (OMCA-IOT-002)Introduction to  Data Science     (OMCA-DaS-002)Block chain implementation and applications (OMCA-BC-002)AWS Services (OMCA-DO-002)Routing Protocols and Architectures (OMCA-CN-002)Animation and Rendering Techniques (OMCA-AR-002)

Course TypeCourse Name Course CodeCredits    
CoreResearch Innovation Catalyst-IIOMCA-RIC-II0.5    
CoreData Communications OMCA-DS-2103    
CoreAnalysis & Design of AlgorithmOMCA-DS-2113    
CoreIntroduction to Artificial IntelligenceOMCA-DS-2123    
CoreVocational Training OMCA-DS-2132    
CoreR Programming LabOMCA-DS-2631    
CoreAndroid Application Development LabOMCA-DS-2641    
FundamentalsPlacement Competency Enhancement-IICDC 5122    
Domain ElectiveElective-III 2    
Domain ElectiveElective-IV 2    
Total Credits19.5    
 GeneralCloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceCyber SecurityFSDMobile ComputingMultimedia
Elective- IIIComputer Graphics  (OMCA-DS-214)Cloud Computing Platforms    (OMCA-CC-003)Supervised Learning  (OMCA-AI-003)Cryptographic           (OMCA-CS-003)Gaming Technology -II (OMCA-FSD-003)Autmotive Computing (OMCA-MC-003)Compositing and Visual Effect  (OMCA-MM-003)
Web Applications Development using PHP (OMCA-DS-215)Programming with AWS  (OMCA-CC-004)Text Mining (OMCA-AI-004)Ethical Hacking.  (OMCA-CS-004)Angular      (OMCA-FSD-004)Mobile games (OMCA-MC-004)Modelling & Texturing (OMCA-MM-004)
  IoTData ScienceBlock ChainDevOpsNetworkingGaming with AR VR
Elective- IVAdvance Database Systems (OMCA-DS-216)Communication technologies in IoT      (OMCA-IOT-003)Data Analytics & Visualization using Excel (OMCA-DaS-003)Blockchain architecture (OMCA-BC-003)DevOps Software Engineering (OMCA-DO-003) Network Protocols          ( OMCA-CN-003)3D Models for Augmented and Virtual Reality (OMCA-AR-003)
Social Network Analytics (OMCA-DS-217)Software & Programming  in IoT  (OMCA-IOT-004)Data Analytics & Visualization using Python (OMCA-DaS-004)Blockchain and smart contracts (OMCA-BC-004)Continouos integration & Version Control (OMCA-DO-004) TCP/IP (OMCA-CN-004)VR and 360 Video Production (OMCA-AR-004)

Course TypeCourse Name Course CodeCredits    
CoreResearch Innovation Catalyst-IIIOMCA-RIC-III1    
CoreData Mining and warehousingOMCA-DS-3103    
CoreSoftware Engineering & TestingOMCA-DS-3113    
CoreOperations ResearchOMCA-DS-3123    
Core Big Data AnalyticsOMCA-DS-3142    
Domain ElectiveElective-V 2    
Domain ElectiveElective-VI 2    
CoreData Mining LabOMCA-DS-3601    
Core Big Data Analytics LabOMCA-DS-3641    
Total Credits18    
 GeneralCloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceCyber SecurityFSDMobile ComputingMultimedia
Elective-VAutomata Theory (OMCA-DS-316)Cloud Data Storage & Management (OMCA-CC-005)Unsupervised Learning (OMCA-AI-005)Cyber Forensics (OMCA-CS-005)Agile, Design thinking and DevOps (OMCA-FSD-005)Smart Energy (OMCA-MC-005)Multimedia effects in Acting and Choreography (OMCA-MM-005)
Compiler Design (OMCA-DS-317)Programming with GAE  (OMCA-CC-006)IoT with machine Learning (OMCA-AI-006)Web Application Security  (OMCA-CS-006)Automated Testing Using Selenium.   (OMCA-FSD-006)Logistics (OMCA-MC-006)Digital Character Animation (OMCA-MM-006)
 GeneralIoTData ScienceBlock ChainDevOpsNetworkingGaming with AR VR
Elective-VIMultimedia Basics (OMCA-DS-318)Sensors, Actuators and Signal Processing (OMCA-IOT-005)SQL for Data Science (OMCA-DaS-005)Applications of Blockchain- Cryptocurrencies (OMCA-BC-005)Containerization with Docker (OMCA-DO-005)Advanced Computer Network (OMCA-CN-005)Game Design Fundamentals (OMCA-AR-005)
Software Project Management (OMCA-DS-319)Data Management in IoT      (OMCA-IOT-006)Time series Analytics-I (OMCA-DaS-006)Smart Contract Application & Development (OMCA-BC-006)DevOps Process Simulation (OMCA-DS-006) Network Management (OMCA-CN-006)Immersive Technology and Media (AR/VR) (OMCA-AR-006)

Course TypeCourse Name Course CodeCredits    
CoreIntroduction to .NETOMCA-DS-4103    
CoreAdvanced JavaOMCA-DS-4113    
CoreIntroduction to .NET LabOMCA-DS-4602    
CoreAdvanced Java LabOMCA-DS-4611    
Domain ElectiveElective-VII 2    
Domain ElectiveElective-VIII 2    
CoreMajor Project OMCA-DS-46318    
Total Credits18    
 GeneralCloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceCyber SecurityFSDMobile ComputingMultimedia
Elective-VDigital Image Processing (OMCA-DS-412)Cloud Security Management (OMCA-CC-007)Neural Networks and Deep Learning (OMCA-AI-007)Cyber Laws (OMCA-CS-007)React JS  Ambient Assisted Living/Mobile Health (OMCA-MC-007)Multimedia in Media Production (OMCA-MM-007)
Software API processes        (OMCA-DS-413)Ethics and standard of cloud.        (OMCA-CC-008)Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (OMCA-AI-008)Information Security and Research (OMCA-CS-008)Cloud Security (OMCA-FSD-008)Mobile Infotainment (OMCA-MC-008)Multimedia Security      (OMCA-MM-008)
 GeneralIoTData ScienceBlock ChainDevOpsNetworkingGaming with AR VR
Elective-VIDecision Support System (OMCA-DS-414)IoT Security Management (OMCA-IOT-007)Statistical methods in Decision making (OMCA-DaS-007)Spring framework (OMCA-BC-007)Web Application on Cloud  (OMCA-DO-007)Next Generation Networking.           (OMCA-CN-007)Virtual Reality: Interface, Application and Design (OMCA-AR-007)
Simulation Modelling   (OMCA-DS-415)IoT Applications (OMCA-IOT-008)Time series Analytics-II (OMCA-DaS-008)Introduction to cryptography (OMCA-BC-008)DevOps Project Management (OMCA-DO-008)Wireless Networking   (OMCA-CN-008)Interactive Application Development.        (OMCA-AR-008)

Total Semester Credits: 80 Credits

Beside the mentioned Domain Specific Elective Courses, other University Core, University elective ,Inter-disciplinary, Generic, on-line Courses (MOOCs etc) and other approved courses shall be offered, which shall be notified well before start of the semester. 

Tools and Technologies Covered

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Prof. (Dr.) Shaveta Bhatia



ASSISTANT DIRECTOR & Programme coordinator






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ASSISTANT professor



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27,000 x 2 Years
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₹ 1,08,000/-
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₹ 1,00,000 /-

NOTE – @5% Discount on total program fee.

Discounted Fee:
₹ 95,000 /-
$ 2,000

NOTE – @5% Discount on total program fee.

Discounted Fee:
$ 1,900

Manav Rachna has launched “Centre of Online Education” to provide quality programmes to those students who are not able to draw benefits from conventional system of Education. Students can perfectly reshape their career and future through impeccably designed online programmes. The renowned faculty, cutting –edge advanced curriculum, technology driven and a remarkable content delivery will be helpful in the successfully implementation of online programs.


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