Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneur and Small Scale Business

2 Years

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About the Online MBA in Entrepreneur and Small-Scale Business Programme

Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education offers one of the best online entrepreneur MBA programs with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Possibilities are transformed into businesses and organizations by entrepreneurs. They operate in unexplored regions amid countless variables and inadequate resources. They incur risks and make judgements with little knowledge, but they are essential to building wealth and improving lives.

The Online MBA in Entrepreneurship and Small Business programme at  Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education is created to give students the skills they need to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours, whether they launch their firm, work for their family-owned business, or become entrepreneurial administrators. Making decisions when knowledge is scarce, seizing chances while working within limits, and addressing a complicated business problem are a few examples of the obstacles addressed under this programme. Learners will comprehend how decisions affect many stakeholders, including workers, shareholders, distribution partners, the community, and the government.

Online Entrepreneur MBA Programs Objectives

  • To educate the learners with skills such as – business model innovation, rapid assessment, and client and network statistics – which are highly pertinent to entrepreneurs.
  • To introduce learners to the principles of entrepreneurial finance and management.
  • To learn and imbibe techniques for assessing public needs, rigorous experimentation, idea generation, and the fund-raising approach.

What Does Manav Rachna’s Online Entrepreneur MBA Programs Offer?

Manav Rachna Online emphasizes on creating distinct components of career pathways during this Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Gaining a solid foundation in entrepreneurship and concentrating on the technical realities and ramifications of entrepreneurialism will offer students the self-assurance they need to have to push boundaries in their careers that will ultimately pay off financially.

Online Entrepreneur MBA Programs Salient Features

  • Experts in the field offer advice to help entrepreneurs in the early phases of their ventures. The online learning materials have been created to give students the knowledge and skills they need to start a business from nothing.

  • Irrespective of a company’s size or field, profitable business operations depend on innovative proposals and an entrepreneurial attitude. Today’s successful business owner combines inventiveness, market awareness, a risk-taking attitude, and effective team leadership skills.

Manav Rachna has launched “Centre of Online Education” to provide quality programmes to those students who are not able to draw benefits from conventional system of Education. Students can perfectly reshape their career and future through impeccably designed online programmes. The renowned faculty, cutting –edge advanced curriculum, technology driven and a remarkable content delivery will be helpful in the successfully implementation of online programs.


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