MBA in Insurance and Banking

Master of Business Administration with specialization in Insurance and Banking

2 Years

Live Classes | One hour per course

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India is one of the emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region  anticipated to dominate the world  in the coming decade.  Liberalization and globalization are examples of factors that indicate a robust and inspirational middle class in the economy. Such rapid economic expansion will have a significant impact on the development of the banking sector. One of the sectors of the economy with the quickest rate of growth, banking, also has trouble finding qualified workers and resources. Due to regular attrition, rivalry, and faster business expansion, such specialized talent is not readily available in sufficient numbers to fulfil the expanding requirements of the banking industry. In other words, the modern banking industry urgently needs a modern banking expert.

Those who desire to stand out from the crowd can greatly advance and enhance their professions with an MBA in Banking and Insurance. A huge, constantly evolving, and recession-resistant industry is banking and insurance. Due to the fact that these jobs are well-paid, secure, and enjoy a high level of social standing, they might be regarded as the most sought-after opportunities for graduates. Experts in banking and insurance operate in a vibrant sector that is evolving and attracting people from all walks of life.


With specialised training in domains including international banking and insurance, risk management, Treasury Operations, project & infrastructure, investment banking, etc., the Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education offers an MBA in Banking & Insurance degree program, which includes the study of basic management concepts. The full time two-year degree programme is divided into four semesters, the first two are core for all M.B.A. courses, and the last two  concentrate on the specialised topics relating to  banking and insurance industries.

The demand for professionals is growing daily as new, advanced technologies are being developed. After successfully completing this course, you will have access to a wide range of jobs.


  • Provides exposure to international competition as financial sector deregulation in India has increased the need for and 
  • Availability of higher-quality insurance products and services, which is what the MBA in Insurance and Banking degree offers.
  • Provides freedom from financial uncertainties and a recession proof career. 
  • There is need for understanding finance. For as long as people crave  saving, anticipate favorable interest rates, ask for  loans, require medical care, drive cars, own houses, and operate businesses, insurance and banking will be present.
  • Candidates can transition to various career optioned after obtaining their MBA in Banking and Insurance. manager of marketing and sales, operations, and insurance.

Financial Manager, Management Analyst, Loan Counselor Financial Analyst, Credit Analyst, Financial Analyst Accountants, Auditor, and so on.


32,000 x 2 Years
Total Course Fee (Semester-wise)
₹ 1,28,000 /-
₹ 1,20,000 /-

NOTE – @5% Discount on total program fee.

Discounted Fee:
₹ 1,14,000 /-
$ 2,400

NOTE – @5% Discount on total program fee.

Discounted Fee:
$ 2,280

Manav Rachna has launched “Centre of Online Education” to provide quality programmes to those students who are not able to draw benefits from conventional system of Education. Students can perfectly reshape their career and future through impeccably designed online programmes. The renowned faculty, cutting –edge advanced curriculum, technology driven and a remarkable content delivery will be helpful in the successfully implementation of online programs.


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