Online MA English Degree: Value, Curriculum and Job Opportunities


Online MA English Degree: Value, Curriculum and Job Opportunities

With a growing inclination towards humanities subjects, Indian students are eagerly choosing literature and language as higher study options. Master in English is one such humanities postgraduate degree program that encompasses an in-depth understanding of language and literature.

However, candidates need more time and resources to balance a master’s degree and their professional goals. That’s when an online course in MA English comes to the rescue. With an Online MA English Degree, students can focus on their professional growth during the week, while giving due attention to upskilling over the weekends.

We’re sure you have several questions about the MA English degree online. Read this article to understand everything about an online master’s degree in literature— its scope, curriculum, market value and job opportunities.

What Does the Online MA English Programme Cover?

Online MA English is a two-year degree program that encompasses an updated curriculum, including Shakespearean drama, American Literature, media and web writing, digital content curation, and more- all contributing towards the studying of contemporary topics in the current era.

Under the Manav Rachna Online MA English program, a student must earn a minimum of 80 credits during the 2 years duration of the program in 4 Semesters. The total credits are further classified under two baskets of courses:

  1. Compulsory Courses Basket
  2. Elective Courses Basket

Besides the domain-specific courses, MR Online also offers courses under University core, generic courses, MOOCs, and more.

Does an Online MA English Programme Have any Market Value?

Yes, the Online MA English Programme offers the same market value equivalent to a regular degree- thanks to the UGC guidelines granting equal weightage to online and regular degrees.

These online programs hold equal academic value to an on-campus degree and help students get industry-ready with valuable soft skill exposure. What’s best – recruiters also offer equal job opportunities to regular and online students. The mode of online learning only adds to the students’ exposure and market knowledge.

3 Ways to Check the Market Credibility of Online MA English Degree

One of the vital tasks in finding one of the best MA English Online degrees is to check its market credibility in the following ways:

  • Ensure Entitlements and Accreditations: Entitlements and accreditations of a university should be carefully checked before enrolling in any degree. For example, Manav Rachna Online has NAAC A++ accreditation.
  • Choose Updated Curriculum: One must choose an online degree with an updated curriculum and in the case of MA English it is an absolute necessity. Choosing an updated curriculum helps track the continuous growth in language and literature.
  • Be Aware of Fake Universities: In the current scenario, many people get defrauded by enrolling in fake universities. Always check the credibility of the university and make sure about its existence as per UGC guidelines.

Now let us look at the lucrative job opportunities one can grab after completing an Online MA English degree.

Job Opportunities with Online MA English Programme

An online MA English degree offers diverse working opportunities to students and opens promotional scope for working professionals. Students of MA English can work across domains like academics, the literary sphere, editors, electronic media, print media, and trainers.

Here are the top job opportunities offered to Online MA English students:

  1. Teaching in organizations as a language and literature teacher, and translator, and pursuing higher studies.
  2. Authoring books for organizations like NCERT, SCERT, and CBT, for schools and colleges.
  3. Poetry, prose, writing as freelancers, translators, literary critics, and reviews.
  4. Editing job in newspapers, magazines, and various publications divisions.
  5. Scriptwriter in TV serials, stage plays, and Radio programs, editing and preparing materials for various programs.
  6. Newsreader and copy editor, drafting stories and preparing materials for newspapers and magazines.
  7. One can also train the students in English for proficiency and work as a professional trainer.

These diversified offers make MA English online a go-to choice among students and professionals in the humanities domain.

Get Market-ready with Manav Rachna Online MA English Program

Wish to pursue an accredited and industry-relevant Online MA English Program degree? Manav Rachna Online offers a UGC-approved Master of Arts – English Online Degree Programme. With a seasoned faculty and updated curricula, MR Online helps students develop market-ready language skills while catering to their learning needs. On top of that, the university’s MA English courses are budget-friendly and include multiple scholarships and discounts.

So, head to the official website and apply for the current January Batch 2024 to start your upskilling journey today!

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