Regular VS. Online BCA Degree – Which is Better & More Valuable?


Regular VS. Online BCA Degree – Which is Better & More Valuable?

The IT industry is projected to grow by a CAGR of 11 to 14% over the next five years. This translates to higher employment in the IT sector complemented with higher salary offers and more challenging roles. To equip today’s learners with the right IT skills and hands-on experience while providing ease of accessibility, Online BCA courses are emerging as valuable choices. As part of the digital learning initiatives, several universities are now offering conventional undergraduate and postgraduate programs online to boost ease of learning and professional development.

In this article, let’s explore how an Online BCA degree in India stands on par with a regular BCA degree.

What is an Online Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Programme?

An Online BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is a 3-year degree programme facilitated digitally through internet-enabled platforms. As a multidisciplinary degree, the BCA program focuses on information technology and its underlying domains, including programming languages, software development, computer hardware pedagogy, cyber security, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and much more.

The major highlights of an Online BCA course are:

  • The entire process is held online– from student enrollment and classes to exams and degree completion.
  • Students get access to a vast repository of e-books, e-library, assignments and quizzes to practise at their own convenience.
  • Students can learn through live and recorded lectures while saving weekends for one-to-one discussions with faculty and mentors.
  • Online proctored assessments make the process 100% authentic and valuable.

With the rising popularity of Online BCA and other UG/PG Degree Programmes, it is important to demystify the differences and similarities between regular and online degrees.

Regular Vs. Online BCA Degree in India- Which is Better?

Apart from the mode of education and fee structure, there’s no major difference between a regular and an online BCA degree. Both degrees are equally valid and valuable in the market—thanks to the UGC guidelines stating that all UGC-entitled online degrees hold market value equivalent to their regular counterparts.

Let us elaborate on the nitty and gritty details of a BCA degree, through online and offline modes.

Difference Between Offline & Online BCA Course

For students and working candidates, an online UG degree offers better flexibility and affordability, thanks to the digital mode of learning. Below are the only differences that turn out to be a boon for distance and working learners:

  • Schedule and Mode of Learning: With the facility of BCA online classes—in live and recorded formats—students can learn and revise their units at their own pace and convenience. On the other hand, regular degrees require an attendance mandate and physical presence for lectures and workshops.
  • Accessibility & Course Fee: Compared to regular degrees, the Online BCA fee is more affordable. What’s best is the facility of converting online programme fees into quarterly or monthly EMIs that further ease the financial burden on candidates.
Similarities Between Regular & Online BCA

There are numerous common grounds between a regular BCA and its online counterpart, including:

  • Equal in Market Value: Recruiters, faculty members, and even stakeholders have now started giving equal preference to online and offline students—giving them equal job and growth opportunities.
  • Both Have Updated Curricula: The subject matter of any online degree is a major concern among students. Hence, Manav Rachna Online has designed the BCA Online program with industry-relevant electives and specialisations, including cyber security, data science & big data analytics, AI and machine learning.
  • Involves Experienced Faculty: With in-depth expertise in different IT domains, the faculty of an Online BCA course proves to be as helpful to students as a regular program.
  • International Exposure & Workshops: Similar to on-campus perks, the Manav Rachna Online BCA program offers students global exposure through international talks, workshops with industry experts, and guest lectures by international faculty.
  • Offers Scholarship & Other Student Benefits: Both regular and Online degrees are offered with student-friendly scholarships and benefits, to ensure all kinds of candidates can access quality education hassle-free.

Pursuing the Industry-oriented Manav Rachna Online BCA Programme

As one of our flagship programmes, the BCA programme at Manav Rachna Online offers industry-oriented specialisations and curricula. Taught in knowledge partnership with Microsoft, the MR Online BCA degree provides students a competitive edge while opening placement opportunities for them right from the enrollment day. With the session about to start in a month, we are offering exclusive session-start fee concessions and category-based scholarships to ensure students can pursue their dream programs without any hassle or financial burden.

So, take a step closer to your IT career by enrolling for the MR Online BCA Programme, today!

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