Which One is Better, Between Online BBA vs. Offline BBA?

Online BBA degree course

Which One is Better, Between Online BBA vs. Offline BBA?

In the post-pandemic world, the demand for online classes has increased. There are more than 500 UGC-approved online degrees in India. Of these, the demand for an online BBA degree is the highest. Thirteen specialisations are offered in this degree, along with your electives. They are the torchbearer of business education for students who want to gain knowledge from the comfort of their homes. 

However, the credibility of online degrees is being questioned by many people in our country. They raise doubts about their experiential learning experience, peer interaction, teamwork, and cost-effectiveness. The real scenario is completely different from these preconceived notions. 

Nevertheless, there is a constant debate about the benefits of online and offline degrees. Let’s explore the pros and cons of both these degrees to come to a conclusion.

Flexibility and Convenience

Online BBA courses undoubtedly offer more flexibility than offline courses. You can attend the classes from your home, office, cafeteria, friend’s place, or a native place. You are most likely to have 100% attendance in an online class. There is also more flexibility in terms of scheduling your classes. Lastly, online faculty will share more resources with you from the web as they are well-versed in online journals and research websites.

Cost and Financial Considerations

It has been found that online degrees cost far less than traditional degrees. You will spend 80% less money on an online degree compared to an offline degree! And it should be noted that these costs are low even after factoring in internet charges. You only need to pay tuition and module fees. Other additional costs like practicals, field trips, or industry visits are also minimal. These are also conditional costs that you incur only if you have opted for them. You eliminate accommodation and travel costs through online courses.

Learning Environment

The learning environment in online classes is also unique. Students can interact with their peers through chats and WhatsApp groups. This feature allows students to talk more about academics. Many introvert students also feel comfortable interacting with their peers on an online platform and communicating their answers. They are more likely to speak up in online BBA degree courses than in traditional ones.

Quality of Education

The quality of education is also higher in online BBA degrees in India. Students have testified that their self-study and research calibre has increased with online education. Their concentration is better as they focus only on the material taught with no distractions. There is also a better student-teacher ratio in online classes, which leads to better learning experiences.

Specialisations Offered

Online BBA degrees offer comparatively more specialisations than offline degrees. You will have the option of choosing new and trending specialisations along with the traditional ones. Despite being new specialisations, they will have ample opportunities and practical training.

  • Banking: You will learn about the banking systems, finance, markets, and financial modelling.
  • Digital Marketing: You will learn the basics of search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and PR advertising. 
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: You will learn data analytics and its applications in the business world. 
  • Marketing: You will learn marketing management, advertising, and public relations.
  • Human Resource Management: You will learn recruitment, training, and employee development.
  • Entrepreneurship: You will be prepared for innovation, business planning, and startup management.
  • Operations Management: You will be trained in production planning, quality control, and supply chain logistics.
  • International Business: You will gain knowledge about global trade, international marketing, and cross-cultural management.
  • IT Management: It covers topics like data management, cybersecurity, and IT project management.
  • Supply Chain Management: You will know how to manage logistics, procurement, and supply chain optimisation.
  • Hospitality Management: You will be trained in hotel and restaurant management, tourism, and event planning.
  • Strategic Management: You will learn long-term business planning, competitive analysis, and strategic decision-making.

Technology and Resources

Online BBA degree courses also offer better resources than offline courses. Students have to go through the hassle of registering their library cards. They need separate identification and verification processes. However, in an online course, everything is available on the student dashboards. No separate processes are required as the database only allows a registered student in an omni-channel space. Other information like fees, grievances, and exam updates are also available on the dashboard.

Networking and Community

There is also a vast scope of networking in an online BBA in India. Webinars, alumni networks, and mentoring sessions are conducted regularly by the institute. Students can build their first interaction with the distinguished alumni on a strong online foundation. An online community of all students is also available for new students if they want to interact with their seniors.

Career Services and Opportunities

Job placement training is available on both types of degrees. Offline degrees have the advantage of in-house placement training and CV building. However, online degrees are not far behind in that aspect. Students get ample opportunities through live projects and internships to build their CVs. They are also committee members and field researchers of their respective cities who help in academic projects.

Accreditation and Employer Perception

The biggest eyebrow raised against online BBA degrees comes from their credentials and trustworthiness. However, it is a result of old prejudices materialising in people’s brains. Many online universities offer UGC-approved degrees. These follow a standardised framework of guidelines. They are upheld to the same benchmarks as traditional degrees, and there is no compromise on education.

Time Commitment and Duration

The length of both offline and online BBA degrees in India is similar. They are both three-year courses. You also gain the same number of credits in both these courses. However, the time commitment for offline degrees is higher than for online degrees. You have to spend your time travelling to and fro from the college. Additionally, offline degrees demand physical assignments that consume your time in writing them. No such assignments are required in online courses.

Personal and Professional Goals

Online BBA degrees in India often promote self-discipline and time management skills. These are essential qualities for professional growth. The ability to manage your own schedule also fosters independence and accountability. This trait is highly valued by employers. 

In conclusion, the flexibility, practical approach to learning, and alignment with personal circumstances make online BBA degrees appealing for individuals who seek a balance between education, career advancement, and lifestyle choices. It is up to you to make the best of the degree course with the assistance of a prestigious university like Manav Rachna Online.

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