Master of Business Administration in Public Policy and Management

Master of Business Administration with
Public Policy and Management

2 Years

Live Classes | One hour per course

Total Credits

About Programme

The MBA programme in Public Policy and Management addresses challenges of policy innovation, governance for public service delivery, relationship between government and industry, social policy, and legal and regulatory issues through high quality academic research, teaching and consultancy for policy analysis and programme evaluation.

The study of public policy spans various social science disciplines like sociology, political science, globalization, economics and law. Hence prior knowledge in these domains act as a catalyst to your understanding and absorption of this course. 

Candidates completing this course successfully are placed in government, non-profit organisations, consulting firms and international organisations. They are hired as Policy Analysts, Social Entrepreneurs, Welfare Officer, etc.

Programme Objectives

The learning objectives in  public policies can be divided into 

  • Regulatory – to learn and implement rules, norms, applicable to business adminsitration
  • Restrictive- To know ethics and what is not acceptable 
  • Facilitating- Some examples of application of public policy in areas such as 
    1. Abortion.
    2. Affirmative action.
    3. Air pollution.
    4. Animal rights.
    5. Assisted suicide and euthanasia.
    6. Automobile safety.
    7. Bullying.
    8. Capital punishment (death penalty)


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MREI Campus:
Sector – 43, Aravalli Hills, Delhi – Surajkund Road, Faridabad – 121004, (Haryana), India

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