Mettl- AI proctoring

Examination AI Proctoring Tool

Mettl is an Online Assessment, Recruitment, and Exams, Certifications & Proctoring Software. It can conduct cognitive assessments, handle recruitment and learning, and hold highly secure digital exams. The software has psychometric, aptitude, coding, and domain tests that can measure an applicant’s personality, reasoning, and technical skills.

Mettl also measures sales competencies and analyzes speech nuances using Artificial Intelligence (AI). For recruitment and learning, Mettl uses powerful HR technologies. It has modules like HireTRACK to standardize hiring processes and make online assessments seamless. It also has video interview tools and carries out end-to-end campus hiring. Mettl’s virtual employee development tools reinvent learning and development. 360View allows HR to have a better performance appraisal tool that collects feedback. EffiCENTRE can check a candidate’s behavior using its Assessment Center and Development Center (ACDC) tools. Digitize exams with EXAMin and make certification easier with CertiCHECK. It prevents cheating with ProctorPLUS, which also verifies the examinee’s identity. And organize a hackathon challenge using X-athon.

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