Orientation Programme-Batch 2021-22

Orientation Programme-Batch 2021-22


Orientation Schedule

22th January 2022
Orientation Opening Ceremony

24th January,2022
Innovation & Incubation/ Start-Ups

Dr. Monika Goel- Dean FCBS, MRIIRS

24th January 2022
Expert Talk on Idea to Start-Up

Mr Saurabh Jain- Founder, Fun2Do and Ex-VP PayTm

25th January,2022
Career Opportunities & Placement

Ms. Rakhi Paruthi- Head CRC, MRIIRS

25th January, 2022
Success by Design, Not by Chance

Mr. Alok Sinha, CEO-Globus 8

27th January, 2022
Access to Library Portal

Dr. Rajesh Kumar- Librarian, MRIIRS

27th January, 2022
Application of Input- Output Framework in Economic Policy

Dr. Akhilesh Sharma- Economist, ISID, New Delhi

28th January, 2022
Rethinking Energy Poverty and Best Practices

Prof. Benjanimin Sovocool
Professor- Energy Policy, University of Sussex, Business School

31st January, 2022
Opportunities & Challenges for Career Making

Dr. Monika Goel-Dean FCBS, MRIIRS

1st February, 2022
Intellectual Property Rights

Dr. Sarita Sachdeva-ED & Dean Research, MRIIRS

2nd February, 2022
Road to Wellness

Dr. Gurjeet- Dean- Student's Welfare, MRIIRS

3rd February, 2022
Session on LMS & Git-Hub

Dr. Umesh Dutta, Chief Technical Manager-CDOE MRIIRS

3rd February, 2022
Thinking Design and Innovation

Dr. Pardeep Kumar, PVC,MRIIRS

4th February, 2022
Presentation by Program and Course Co-ordinators

Orientation of B.C.A.

Orientation of M.C.A.

Orientation of B.A. Economics(Hons.)

Orientation of B.B.A.

Orientation of M.B.A.

Orientation of B.Com.

Orientation of M.Com.

5th February, 2022
Interaction with Dignitaries

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