Oragnization Structure​

Organization Structure

Lt. General (Dr.) R K Anand



Director- Centre for Distance and Online Education, MRIIRS

Qualification: Ph.D. in Cyber Security
Special Interests & Broad Duties: Technology, Medicine, Hospitality and Fashion Design, Development of Academic Institutions, Sports Field, HR Management, Communication Systems and Civil Infrastructure.

Prof (Dr.) Shaveta Bhatia

Deputy Director, Center for Distance & Online Education,MRIIRS
Qualification: Ph.D, Computer Science, MCA
Area of Interest: Mobile Computing, Web Application Development, Database Management System, Networking more than 36 papers in International/ National Journals conferences,2 books published Member of ACM,CSI Editor and Reviewer of various renowned journals.

Dr. Mridula Batra

Assistant Director- Centre for Distance & Online Education, MRIIRS
Qualification: Ph.D, M.Phil.(CS),MCA
Area of Interest: Cloud Computing, Data Base Management System, Data Communications and Networking.

Mr. Sohail Imran

Manager IT- Center for Distance & Online Education,MRIIRS

Dr Soma Arora

Professor and Programme Coordinator MBA 

Qualification: PhD, MBA Marketing, BSc Economics Hons 

Areas of expertise: Marketing Analytics, International Marketing, Marketing Research 


Dr Sahil Malik

Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator- BCA & M.COM

Qualification: – B.COM, M.COM, Ph.D

Area of Expertise: Accountancy, Economics & Quantitative techniques

Mr Tafheem Bashir

Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator-BBA

Qualification: MBA Gold Medallist, Ph.D.(Pursuing) with Academic Experience of 8+ years.

Area of Expertise: Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management.

Mr Amit Chatterjee

Assistant Professor & Programme Coordinator, Economics, MRIIRS

Qualification: Ph.D. Economics (Submitted), M.Phil Economics (HCU), M.A. Economics (DU)

Area of Expertise: Development Studies, Macroeconomics and International Economics, 15 papers in International Scopus indexed Journals

Ms Neha Thakur

Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator-B.COM,

Qualification: M.COM (D.U.) and B.COM Honours (D.U.)(COMMERCE), UGC-NET Qualified.

Area of Expertise: Financial Management, Corporate Accounting, Financial Modelling.

Ms Nidhi Kataria

Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator – BCA,

Qualification: Ph.D. (Pursuing), Masters in Commerce (Hons.), and Bachelor in Commerce (Hons.)

Area of Expertise: Accounts & Finance

Ms Ankita Gosain Rangila

Academic Counsellor

Qualification: MBA in Marketing

Mr Satish Kumar

Assistant Registrar-CDOE

Ms Nidhi Buttan

IT Intern- CDOE

Ms Anjali Baisla

IT Intern- CDOE

Ms Anjali Baisla

IT Intern- CDOE

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