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Master of Business Administration with specialization in Human Resources

2 Years

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An organization’s administration and workforce advancement are collectively referred to as “human resource management” in modern vernacular. Creating and managing programmes intended to boost an organization’s or company’s efficiency is a part of human resource management. It covers all aspects of developing, maintaining, and growing the connection between employers and employees.

Holistic methods of working with people, organizational culture, and society are all functions of human resource management. An organization’s most significant asset—its human capital—must be fostered and endorsed, and it is the responsibility of HR leaders to do this through the development and administration of initiatives, guidelines, and processes as well as by actively encouraging the environment through positive work interaction.

The human resource management team’s conventional administrative and operational responsibilities have greatly expanded in recent years. Consequently, professionals of a human resource management department seem to be more concerned with enhancing the optimal use of people and ensuring that organizational factors have a beneficial and demonstrable influence on the industry.

The Online MBA in HR programme provided by Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education (MRCDOE) is an extraordinary chance for students and practitioners to gain knowledge in all facets of human resources management. It is created after considering the opinions and recommendations of Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and HR executives. The curriculum aims to convey a fundamental and in-depth understanding of HR and synergy with digital innovations. The programme also benefits students who want to enter organizations and take a job in specialized HR roles or who want to improve their current HR skillset. It will discuss HR-related coursework in an ever-changing environment and aspire to be an “ideation commander” programme.


This specialisation will enable students to

    • recognize others’ talents and limitations.
    • impart Knowledge, skills, and professional certification necessary to supervise diversity, ambiguity, and intricacy. 
    •  play a constructive part in setting and achieving organizational objectives.


Manav Rachna has launched “Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education” to provide quality programmes to those students who are not able to draw benefits from conventional system of Education. Students can perfectly reshape their career and future through impeccably designed online programmes. The renowned faculty, cutting –edge advanced curriculum, technology driven and a remarkable content delivery will be helpful in the successfully implementation of online programs.


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