Masters of Computer Applications in Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Masters of Computer Applications with
Data Science and Big Data Analytics

2 Years

Live Classes | One hour per course

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About Programme

Online MCA Data Science & Big Data Analytics is an postgraduate program of 2 years in the domain of Information Technology. The program includes subjects like Introduction to Data, Data Visualization, and so forth.

Data Science & Big Data Analytics is a field that helps students in gaining in-depth knowledge of data science and data visualization. Online MCA Data Science & Big Data Analytics is an postgraduate course for students who are unable to pursue their studies on a regular mode due to any reason.

The course centres upon computer languages and applications that students must know and have a deep knowledge of it, if they want to enter reputed organizations and corporate industries and in turn lead business empires in the future. The students who look forward to boosting their knowledge with computer and programming, coding, and other technical skills, can take up this course. The real objective of the course is to make students more effective in providing technological solutions to businesses.

The MCA Data Science and Big Data Analytics course provides an understanding of DBMS, web scripting, networking, core-programming languages, python programming, big data analytics, and machine learning to the students.


  • Ensuring big data to be clean, consistent and high quality.
  • Building expertise in data analysis concepts
  • To maintain a healthy balance between data science and computer applications by closing the gap between the two fields.


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