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The University has a cutting-edge library network made up of departmental libraries and a central library named after the founder of Manav Rachna educational institutions, Dr. O. P. Bhalla. The library has almost 184697 million electronic resources. A variety of national and international journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, etc. are among the resources the library subscribes to. Academic eBooks Collection – Ebsco, Business Source Elite – Ebsco, IEEE, ASCE and ASME, J-Gate (JET) for Engineering and J-Gate (JMS) for Management, among others, are subject-specific databases that enhance the library’s resources. Additionally, the library has Statistical Package for the Social Sciences subscription (SPSS).

Many different types of researchers utilize SPSS software for sophisticated statistical data analysis. For the management and statistical analysis of social science data, the SPSS software package was developed. The Central Library is the ideal fusion of print and digital resources. It provides a wide range of resources that help MRIIRS’s research and innovation.

 The library has a dynamic library portal at and is available over the internet and the intranet. It serves as a hub for all of the library’s resources. A single-window search solution that gives users access to all of the Digital Library’s materials has been introduced by the Library. The library’s operations are entirely automated, and a full digital collection is accessible around-the-clock on campus via IP authentication and online via remote access login made possible by remote log software and an email domain authentication system.

Unhindered access to resources is made possible via the library’s remote access services, whichare available 24 hours a day.


e-resources: 1,84,697

e-journals: 41,800 (includes IEEE, ASME, ASCE, EBSCO, DOSS(for FDS), J Gate, Turnitin similarity, SPSS Statistics Tools  & others)

CD & DVDs: 439


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