Bachelor of Computer Applications (2022-23)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

3 Years

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About Programme

MRIIRS is offering UGC approved BCA Online Degree Programme at Centre for Distance and Online Education. 

“Bachelor of Computer Applications” at “Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education(MRCDOE)” provides multidisciplinary approach for the students to shape their career inside and outside their domain of education and to meet the evolving needs of the society.  The commitment of multidisciplinary education is to broaden the participation of student in higher education and leads to a more diverse community.

We have collaborated with the digital Leader and Industry partner namely Microsoft that provides digital component and industry-based curriculum to our programme.  The knowledge partner will be mentors and provides certification and  resources for delivery of the courses. Our courses have been designed to meet the needs of the market, ensuring our students receive the most updated education possible.

  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is designed to give students the modern core knowledge they need to understand how to apply technology to effectively solve practical and industrial challenges.
  • The curriculum of the course instils professionalism, social awareness, and communication skills to work as a team in managing various surroundings for the benefit of society.
  • The main goal of this programme is to promote creativity and inventive thinking by addressing design and developmental trade-offs in the IT industry and offering a real-time solution as a means of lifelong learning.




Inclusive Curriculum

The inclusion of contemporary topics in curriculum to make students industry-ready

Technology Integration

Familiarization with latest technology to ensure ease of learning

Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls

Students get an opportunity work on magic quadrant for network firewalls

Industry Oriented Pedagogy

The pedagogy facilitated through stalwarts of industry

Focus on Practice and Theory

Intermixing the practical experience with the theory


Course TypeCourse CodeTitle of CourseCredits
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-101Elements of Mathematics3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-102Hardware Interfaces3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-103Introduction to IT & Programming in C3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-104Database Management System3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-153C Programming  Lab1
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-154Database Management System Lab1
University CoreOBT-UC-161Environmental Studies & Waste Management3
Total Credits17

Course TypeCourse CodeTitle of CourseCredits
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-201Data Structures 3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-202Internet Technologies3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-203Software Engineering3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-251Data Structures Lab1
Domain Specific OBCA-DS-252Internet Technology Lab1
University Core 2OBBA-UC-162Business Communication3
Total Credits14

Course TypeCourse CodeTitle of CourseCredits
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-301Object Oriented Programming using C++3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-302Introduction to Operating System3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-351C++ Lab3
Domain Specific ElectivesOBCA-DS-306Web Applications Development3
OBCA-DS-307Shell Programming 
Domain Specific ElectivesOBCA-DS-356Web Applications Development Lab2
OBCA-DS-357Shell Programming Lab 
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-303 Mathematics for Computer Science4
BCA Specialization: Data Science and Big Data Analytics
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-304Data Warehousing and Data Mining4
BCA Specialization: Cyber Security
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-305Information Security Fundamentals4
Total Credits(BCA with Specialization)22

Course TypeCourse CodeTitle of CourseCredits
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-404Programming in Java3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-454Java Lab2
Domain Specific ElectivesOBCA-DS-405System Programming3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-406Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence3
OBCA-DS-407Computer System Architecture 
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-401Numerical Analysis and Statistical Techniques4
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-456Vocational Training2
BCA Specialization: Data Science and Big Data Analytics
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-402Introduction to Big Data4
BCA Specialization: Cyber Security
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-403Data Security in Information Technology4
Total Credits(BCA with Specialization)21

Course TypeCourse CodeTitle of CourseCredits
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-506Relational Data Base Management System3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-507Python Programming3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-556RDBMS Lab3
Domain Specific ElectivesOBCA-DS-557Python Programming  Lab2
Domain Specific ElectivesOBCA-DS-508Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Analysis & Design3
OBCA-DS-509Introduction to Cloud Computing
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-501Data Communication & Networking3
BCA Specialization: Data Science and Big Data Analytics
Domain Specific  ElectivesOBCA-DS-502No SQL Databases4
OBCA-DS-503Big Data Technologies
BCA Specialization: Cyber Security
Domain Specific  ElectivesOBCA-DS-504Security Intelligence and Compliance Analytics4
 OBCA-DS-505Information Security and Audit Monitoring
Total credits (BCA with specialization)21

Course TypeCourse CodeTitle of CourseCredits
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-601Programming in .NET using C#3
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-651Programming in .NET using C# Lab2
Domain SpecificOBCA-DS-652Minor Project6
Domain Specific  ElectivesOBCA-DS-604Multimedia & Animation3
OBCA-DS-605Introduction to MIS & ERP
Domain Specific  ElectivesOBCA-DS-602Machine Learning3
OBCA-DS-603Security of Information System
BCA Specialization: Data Science and Big Data Analytics
Domain Specific  ElectivesOBCA-DS-606Data Analytics using Sqoop3
OBCA-DS-607Introduction to Hive
BCA Specialization: Cyber Security
Domain Specific  ElectivesOBCA-DS-608Cryptography and Network security3
OBCA-DS-609Network Management 
Total credits ( BCA with specialization)20

 Total Semester Credits: 120 Credits

Beside the mentioned Domain Specific Courses, other University Core, University elective ,Inter-disciplinary, Generic, on-line Courses (MOOCs etc) and other approved courses shall be offered, which shall be notified well before start of the semester.

What you will get?

Live Online Class

Get an opportunity to interact with the experts online every week to clear your doubts.

24x7 LMS Access

You will get access to top quality digital content hosted on Swayam platform that is accessible on any device.

Industry Oriented

The course content will also be delivered by industry experts so that you get the best in class experience.

Hands-On Learning

More focus on coding and experiential learning so that you can enhance your practical skills.

Capstone Projects

Project Based Learning is what you get from the program so that you can test your skills for soving real world problems.

Placement Assistance

You know what we got you covered with placement assistance support to ensure you get the job you want.

Know Your Faculty

Prof. (Dr.) Shaveta Bhatia

deputy director

dr. mridula batra

assistant director

dr. kamlesh sharma


dr. raj kumar

Associate Professor

dr. arti saxena

ASSOCIATE professor

dr. vinayak vandhan pathak

Associate Professor

ms. manisha vashisht


ms. ankita

Academic counsellor

Original Payment
CourseFee (INR)
BCA 1,95,000
One Time Fee Payment
CourseFee (INR)
BCA 1,36.500
Yearly Fee Payment
CourseFee (INR)1st Year Installment2nd Year Installment3rd Year Installment
BCA 1,46,250 48,750 48,750 48,750
Semester Wise Fee Payment
CourseFee (INR)1st Semester Installment2nd Semester Installment3rd Semester Installment4th Semester Installment5th Semester Installment6th Semester Installment
BCA 1,56,000 26,000 26,000 26,000 26,000 26,000 26,000

CourseCourse Fee (INR)

Course Fee (INR)

CourseTotal Fee (INR)1st Year Installment2nd Year Installment3rd Year Installment

CourseTotal Fee (INR)1st Semester Installment

2nd Semester Installment

3rd Semester Installment4th Semester Installment

5th Semester Installment

6th Semester Installment

Industry partners

Tools and Technologies Covered

Dedicated Career Support


Our experts will help you prepare for the job interviews. You will get adequate online mock interview sessions to build your confidence

Resume Building

We help you build your resume by giving you inputs at every step so that you can build your skills as per the industrial standards


Aptitude training will involve live classes conducted by experts to enhance your verbal and non verbal skills

Training & Internship

Our expert team will help you in getting training and internship opportunity with leading IT companies so that you can get real world experience

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Manav Rachna has launched “Centre of Online Education” to provide quality programmes to those students who are not able to draw benefits from conventional system of Education. Students can perfectly reshape their career and future through impeccably designed online programmes. The renowned faculty, cutting –edge advanced curriculum, technology driven and a remarkable content delivery will be helpful in the successfully implementation of online programs.


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